Day 1 Ruminations

So, this “What to Expect” timeline from the Whole 30 website is pretty helpful in knowing how this diet is going to go down. Obviously, it isn’t going to be easy….but after today, I think everyday might be hard.

We were home all day, so we cooked all our meals and prepped for some during the week. Breakfast was eggs over hash. We made tuna cakes and put them on lettuce for lunch. And dinner was a hamburger wrapped in a lettuce leaf with a side of sweet potatoes. We were feeling great until mid afternoon when booth of us started getting tired, angry, and hungry. After a snack of celery and almond butter, we were able to pull it together enough to make dinner and play with the kids. I can already tell the mid afternoon snack is going to be important.

Andy has been craving sugar all day–juice, which he never drinks, and chocolate. I just want to eat. I know protein is suppose to make you feel full, but I honestly just feel hungry. The headache is starting and I am still very tired. Hopefully I will sleep well tonight.

1 day down, 29 to go!


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