Day 15 Ruminations

I’m not going to lie, his week has been a rough one for me. According to the timeline, I should be hitting the boundless energy stage with a side of cravings. Everyday I was waiting for the energy but I was just feeling worse and worse. A few days ago I woke up with a huge goiter (an enlargement of the thyroid gland which is located in the front of your neck). I could hardly swallow. On top of that, I was exhausted, spacey, and depressed. I knew exactly what was happening…my body was attacking my thyroid and my thyroid was over producing. It is doing this because I have Graves Disease. This is an autoimmune disease where your body attacks your thyroid and your thyroid responds by overproducing. Your thyroid regulates everything in your body…heart rate, metabolism, mood, hormones. Important stuff. You want your thyroid working right, trust me!  I was diagnosed with Graves over a year ago, took medicine and changed my diet, and this summer went into remission. That was amazing. But now, while I am eating as good as I ever have, it was coming back. It seems like too much of a coincidence. I started thinking about my diet and what I was eating. And then it came to me…


Those stupid eggs I eat every day for breakfast. Sometimes I eat two. Sometimes I’ll cook up some eggs for breakfast.

So I did some research. The egg yolk contains iodine. Your thyroid uses iodine to function. Since my body likes to attack my thyroid, I limit my iodine intake. The eggs were causing my thyroid to over produce. So, I feel horrible instead of feeling awesome. I stopped eating eggs immediately, but my thyroid is still enlarged and I am definitely not myself. That will take some time and possibly some medication.

I wanted to quit so bad. I don’t want to be on a diet that makes me feel horrible. But it isn’t the diet, it is the food I am choosing to eat. So I am staying on it for the 30 days I committed to. I will probably need to extend it to get the full benefits, but it is giving me the opportunity to understand how my diet affects my illness. I am also checking out the Autoimmune Protocol Diet (AIP). Because of that, I am going to cut out nightshade vegetables (tomatoes, potatoes, peppers), nuts and seeds along with eggs. I will slowly be adding them back in to see what affects me most.

Andy has been feeling good though! He had one day he was full of energy. But we aren’t expecting to have tons of energy…we have two young kids who wake up at 5:30. No energy will come from that.


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