I am by no means a health nut. I don’t like to exercise, at least nothing that makes me pant and sweat. And I’m not a fan of granola or nuts. But give me a pint of peanut butter ice cream, a glass of wine, and a good movie and I’ll be happy! But, there comes a time in every couch lover’s life when we must get up, access our life—and our body, and make a choice. This year, I am choosing the Whole 30 and I’m making my husband do it with me. My children will be doing some of it, but they don’t have much say in the matter. I am mostly doing it for me and my health.

My story in a nutshell: I am a mom of two sweet, crazy girls, 1 and 3 years old. After my youngest was born, I started getting sick and found out I have Graves Disease, an autoimmune disease that attacks my thyroid gland. I went gluten free, saw a specialist, and acupuncturist, and a natural doctor. Now, a year later, I am medication free with my thyroid levels in the normal range without surgery or radioactive iodine (the only real options for “treatment,” but they just get rid of the thyroid, they don’t fix the autoimmune disease). This is something I will always battle and I know for me that my diet is a huge contributor to whether or not I come out of remission.

Why the Whole 30? I have been looking into it for a while, but a year ago I was a vegetarian trying to figure out a gluten free diet. Since then, my family has added meat to our diet and, while I am concerned with my ability to eat meat every day, I need this committed change to boost the next phase of my life. Last year I was forced to change my diet so I could survive. Now, I have the ability to change my diet so I can live. It’s an exciting opportunity.

Why now? My weight has never been so high and I would like get control of that. I have a slow thyroid now and this past year has been rough, so its a good time to try. There is no better time.

I am ready! Want to follow along with my journey? This is the place!


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